It’s been a Long time without you my pen….

It’s been a while since I blogged about ‘anything’. Life has been…uh…busy. (insert hair pulling and screaming here)

The world seems to be spinning out of control in so many areas that, sometimes, even opening your eyes in the morning is overwhelming.  Since I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon I thought I’d hop on here and just hang out.  No pressure. No push to put myself into some niche. Just a place to share life, the universe, everything, and my coffee. Don’t worry; I’m wearing more than a towel. I do sometimes sprout two heads though.

I miss shooting off my mouth…fingers. It’s a great stress reliever and good for a laugh sometimes. We can all use more laughter, eh?

News. Let’s see. I’ve been editing a book I wrote a few years ago called Child of Blood. Here’s some bitching for ya. I’d sent this sucker out to about seven people, two were pro writers/editors. I got back rave reviews and some ideas for changes and a couple of spelling corrections. I also learned I use the word ‘that’ A LOT.  I started the re-write with all that in mind when what to my wondering eye should appear? A GAZILLION spelling errors and a bajillion other errors: tenses, age, location, and a blasted plot hole so big (HOW BIG WAS IT??) that the Death Star could fly through it with room to spare.

To say I was…er…pissed off  frustrated is wrong. That’s what it is. Wrong. I was pissed. And after a day of that I got bored and started the re-write when a bonfire might have been easier.  I’m up to page 266 of 335 so it’s going well.  I’ve made some major changes that make the story tighter and crushed the Death Star problem by deleting a major part of the story. That meant creating something else which turned out to fun and better, I think.

While all that was happening and in between the craziness of life I’ve been messing around with drawing, learning about painting with water colors, gel pens, and other artsy fartsy stuff. I REALLY wanted to find some alcohol markers but all the one’s I’ve tried get me high stink to high heaven…except Copics.  Now those are drool worthy markers that do not stink in any sense of the word.  My son has them and let me play with them.

This is my first attempt at using a copic marker:

Here’s the refined version:

Words and art help out when life is hard.

What helps you?