Not a Slacker

Things have been a little crazy in life lately.

First, it’s not easy to be homeless and try to keep up with a blog using Kindle. My laptop lost its graphic card long ago so to use that I have to plug in an external monitor which is a real pain in the butt when you’re couch surfing. All that aside, I got ill in May with bronchial pneumonia. After a round some antibiotics I got better but then received news my oldest sister had been moved to Hospice care at her daughter’s.  She passed on June 14th, which is also my brother’ birthday. She’d been ill a very long time and I will miss the sound of her squeaky voice and her sharp humor.

RIP Sister Dear. I’m glad you’re no longer suffering. I will miss you.

While dealing with that I started getting ill again. After playing a game of tag to try to get in to see my regular doctor, I finally made it into see him and he ordered Xrays to check for bronchitis, pneumonia or COPD or…the C word. Happily, they came back showing that my lungs are clear. I do have sinusitis and a double ear infection compounded by allergies that have been kicking my ass since the heat moved in. (Did I ever mention I despise Summer?)

I was ordered to wear a face mask when I went to the doctor and to the hospital for the xrays. I’ll take a nice chianti and some fava beans please:

So as of tonight I’m on the Z-pack of antibiotics AGAIN. Hopefully, they’ll kick this thing gone.  Wish me luck.

And I’m starting a small business doing tarot readings on the side to try to bring some extra money. I’ve been reading tarot for about fifty years so I’m not bad at it. If anyone’s interested in a reading let me know. I charge $25 for a reading. Yes, that’s cheap and that’s because I think everyone should be able to get a reading if they want or need one.  I do them in person, on the phone, or via email. You get to choose.

And I managed to finish the rewrite of one of my novels. That’s 350 pages of HOLY COW: THE END! I’m working on finding a cover now and then I think I’ll self pub after I send it out to a few people to see what they think of the changes I’ve made. Tentative title: Child of Blood.  Original title: The Ghost of Watcher’s Glen.  There’s vampires, vampire hunters, a little romance, and, oddly enough: ghosts! I put a twist of the vampire legend – no, they don’t glitter haha.

That brings you up to date. What’s going with what’s been going on with me. How about you guys? (Is there anybody out there?) Anyone writing, drawing, or reading anything fun and interesting? Ready for summer?

It’s going to be hitting the 100’s for the next few days here in Maine: cooling center here we come.  OY!


Chromatek Glitter 30 Gel Pens

I recently got a set of Chromatek Glitter gel pens.

These gel pens have a great price, which is a tremendous bonus as far as I’m concerned because it makes them perfect for anyone on a fixed income.  A lot of gel pens skip, run, smear, or otherwise make some sort of mess. These don’t. Imagine my joy at having a set of thirty different colors of glitter filled heaven! Now imagine my further delight that they came with a set of refills!

I tried them out in a flower and butterfly coloring book that I have. They are luscious juicy pens that work as soon as I put them to paper. I had no problems getting them to work nicely together. They don’t hurt my hands. They’re comfortable to hold. They blend well and dry quickly so there’s no smearing or having your pages get stuck together. There’s a nice variety of colors and there is are some browns, grays, and a black…which is AWESOME.

(*click on the pictures to get a bigger view)

Here’s a close up of one of the butter-flies so you can see the glitter magic.

One of my favorite things to doodle or draw is faces. I tend to favor fanciful faces of elves or women. So to further test these delicious gel pens I drew a face with flowers for hair then colored it in with the Chromatek gel pens. They were terrific!

Here’s another one that shows off the glittering a little better. OMG! Gorgeous!

Finally I tried a bit of blending on a simple leaf and, if you work quickly, while they’re still freshly put down, you can get them to blend perfectly.

As you can tell, I love these pens. The creator, Mary, is a wonderfully sweet woman to work with and really does want to create products that are affordable and of high quality.  She’s working on other products and I’m sure they’ll be as good as the pens I’ve reviewed here. wish I had a larger set for a wider color selection for my drawings. Now That would be the ultimate!

So if you enjoy gel pens or are looking for an excellent and affordable set from a company that’s wonderful to work with order these pens either from Chromatek or Amazon. I’ll put the links down below for you.




BOTH! (Fiction or Non-Fiction? Part 2)

Sometimes your brain gets in the way of…oh…everything.

I spend a lot of time in my head. Consequently, I have a head full of contradictions that come from the stories I’ve read and that I write and from my ‘selves’. I’m always arguing with myself. This or that? That one or this one? The very last thought that ever strikes me is: why not both?

What?! Don’t tell me you haven’t done the same thing.

It took me forever to get it through my head that I can write both fiction and non-fiction. And then it took me half a second to realize that, well of course I can and do write both. My interests intersect directly with what I like to write. Herbal healing, energy work, crystals, meditation, ghost bustings, supernatural, urban legends, reincarnation, tarot……..all fit very nicely into fiction.

HELLO NURSE! (5 points to the commenter who can tell me where that came from.)

See, I’m not always long winded. :p

Fiction or Non-fiction?

I write what used to be called Horror which now falls under the genre of Urban or Paranormal/Supernatural Fantasy.  I’m not a blood and guts and gore on the floor gal. I’m also not into romance although a bit romancing shows up in most of my stories.  Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great stuff; it’s just not my thing. (Probably because I read my fill of it about 25 years ago when every woman on the planet was reading all those Harlequin Romances that came out just about every week.)

After I got bored with that on-slaught of about four hundred books I moved into the westerns my Mother always loved (Louis L’Amor)

Then I moved on to the comedy of Erma Bombeck and couldn’t get enough of her. OMG she was hilarious for her day.

While I was reading all this – at the time, it wasn’t anything for me to read five or six books a week – I was also reading Mary Shelley, E. A. Poe, Bram Stoker, Stephen King, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Shirley Jackson, Dean Koontz, Ramsey Campbell, Richard Matheson, and Anne Rice to name just a few. (And I’m leaving out a lot!) I also liked Mary Stewart’s Merlin series and Marilyn Ross’s Dark Shadows’ books about as fast as she could write them. (Loved that tv show, which was corny as hell compared to nowadays, but hey, I was a kid!) (And the Johnny Depp movie was a joke.)

As you can see I favored horror and a bit of fantasy so it was only natural that my own writing would contain elements of those with a bit of Bombeck’s snark thrown into the mix. I like writing female protagonists for the most part; probably because that was unheard of when I was a kid. (where the women all swooooned and were too stupid to loosen their corsets let alone, grab the nearest heavy object and beat their attacker unconscious…unless she was a cowgirl, then; problem solved!) I like my male characters to have some heart and vulnerabilty mixed in with their macho. (cue the Village people!)

SOOooo fiction or non-fiction, that is the question. I guess it’s both for me since I’ve already written and published the two non-fiction books, eh? lol I have several published fiction short stories and some poetry. And then there’s all this fiction stuff that’s waiting in the wings to be proof read, edited, formatted, and have covers designed……O.O


Note: HA! I was going to put all writing posts under the navigation bar labeled writing but NOooooo can’t do that on the free site. Or I’m an idiot….It’s probably that second thing there.

Note 2: Nope, not an idiot. Though I was worried about that for a minute. I guess you can’t have any plug ins if you’re using the free version of wordpress.  I’ll have to use categories instead. Sorry about that.


First Post is always the Hardest


I’ve started and stopped this thing dozens of times. It’s crazy making. It isn’t that I don’t want to write; it’s what do I write about? Where do I start? I did the ‘about’ page first thinking that would at least list the topics I’d like to talk about and so people who drop by – if anyone does – can tell if they’d be interested in anything here. The list is rather broad and full of possibilities but I’m not sure I’ll write about all of them. I might though so at least the list is there.

Then it was time for the first post.


So I thought I’d just toss this up to get things rolling.

Life has been really hard for quite a while now. Hubs and I have been hit with so many sudden left turns at the light that caught us off guard that I’m pretty sure we’re running around in circles as we try to get our lives back together. Starting over is hard.

A little less than two years ago, in a fit of frustration and anger, I ripped up and threw away just about everything I’d ever studied, collected, or written; that includes my dream journals which I’d been keeping since 1973. So…yeah…there’s that. A pretty clear indication that I had lost faith in everything and everyone and well, that’s where I’ve been for a while now. Of everything I got rid of the only thing I regret is my dream journal. That was my whole life of dreaming tossed aside because I was beaten, broken, bleeding, and didn’t see the point of ANYTHING anymore.

Life is still hard.

A life filled with constant battle is even harder. I was tired and thought the best way to a new and, hopefully, better life, was to burn the bridges to the past. Just let it all go into the flames. I thought about it very carefully before I did it. Friends told me not to be a reactionary and do something I’d regret.  I thought about it more and decided anything worth saving would remain or come back even if I did toss out and burn everything.

So I did.

Looking back now, like I said, the only thing I regret having destroyed was my dream journal. Oddly enough I still remember most of my dreams; they come back when needed – so I was right about that.  Also, I’d written the little dream book mentioned on my about page, which reduced most of what I’d learned about dreaming into a quick reference book. (I really should either re-write that or write another.)

Shameless plug:

By burning the past I was not just having a temper tantrum – though there was a bit of one going on – I was thinking that if I walked away from everything that had not worked for me then I’d have no choice but to move forward and find what did work. OR I’d have to settle down in the mediocrity of having a rather meaningless life that served no purpose. I thought that way because I had always  believed life and everything in it served a purpose.


I had worked my butt off for years on many of the things I burned. Things that were supposed to improve my life, not make it worse. I got it into my head that maybe that meant I was walking the wrong path and needed to get off of it and find something new that did work.  Obviously, at least in my thinking at the time, if I were doing what I was meant to be doing then life wouldn’t be a constant struggle and I wouldn’t feel so broken, miserable, and abandoned. Maybe life wasn’t working because I was doing things I shouldn’t be.

Bridges burned. Relationships severed. More sudden left turns. What, was there a sale on ‘How to make life Suck?’ held just for the Hubs and I? How do I opt out? Burn more bridges!

And then I discovered that I’m the type of person who needs a reason to exist besides just breathing. I kept torturing myself by going back to the things I’d left behind and either trying to figure out what had gone wrong or find a new way to them work.

I needed something to do that got my motor running. And all I had that seemed to do that and make me feel better was, believe it or not, youtube videos on multi-media art/crafting.

Coloring became my thing. I’d already been drawing and, at one time had wanted to become an artist. Now I discovered there was a whole world out there where you could draw, learn to draw better, and color with all sorts of things I’d never even heard of. And voila! I began getting and feeling better.

And that is enough for this very long post!